It's a shame, isn't it; to come across an old portrait of a family member and to see the fading, scratching, cracking, staining and tearing that has happened to the image since it was taken. This might be a one-of-a-kind portrait of your grandmother as a young child or a military portrait of your father as a young, uniformed man.

What would be even worse, though, would be to put the old torn and tattered photograph back in the stack of family photos without taking the time to restore it. You know, the technology has been in existence for some time now to bring them back to life. Your original photograph will be handled with the utmost of care while it is copied. Thus, the original photograph is never altered - everything is altered on the copied image.

To see some of our work check out our restoration gallery.

Here's some options for your finished restoration projects:
Have a wall portrait made for the hearth, galley or living room.
Have the image(s) printed on artist's canvas and covered in oils to look like an original painting.
Have the image(s) printed onto note-card stock.
Colorize an old black and white photograph.
Make reprints for other family relatives and give them as gifts.