Mother and Child

Also known as the Madonna portrait, so named to invoke images of the parochial mother and her blessed child, Mother-and-Child portraiture tenderly tells the story of those quiet moments between two souls who are just getting to know one another. They are beautiful visions of the powerful mother/child bond and the maternal instinct to coddle, all captured on film forever.

The mother is typically dressed in white lace and the child is frequently bare in his or her mother's arms. Often times siblings, also dressed in white and perhaps barefooted, look over their mother's shoulder at the wonderment before them. This all takes place in front of a soft white setting as though to suggest these angels are among the clouds.

Due to the nature of the colors in the portrait, it is known as "high-key" photography and is timeless in beauty. It will match the decor of any living room or nursery and is a precious gift to pass down through the generations.