Childrens Photography

Ever changing, ever moving, ever growing! It's hard to hold your children long enough to take a look at them these days, much less, ask them to sit still long enough to take a snapshot of them. However, when they are moving out of state for their first year of college or getting married to start families of their own, you might wish you had some professional portraits taken of them when they were young to look back on and remember how precious their first years were.

Every child's first years of life are as different as every child's personality. MWD's portraiture is an expression of the subject, a window into their life and personality. We open that window to reveal in an artfully pictorial manner the exact personality of the children being photographed. The Kids Club assures that you won't miss a stage of their developing personalities during their early years of life.

Hints and Tips for Successful Children's Portraiture

Schedule photography appointments around your child's eating and napping times.

Bring in any special props that document your children's hobbies and habits. There's always room in a portrait for a soccer ball or blankie. They also serve to comfort your children.

When more than one child is being photographed at a time, coordinate their clothing so as to equally spotlight each child's face. More Tips & Hints!